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A Dark Blog. Enter with Caution.

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Staring up at silence

Here I am sitting again
Inside my chamber so safe, but cold.
Sitting again with my thoughts so vociferous.

Inside my chamber so safe, but cold
Nebels* travel pass my eyes so tired.
Fear already had knocked on my door, oh dear Lord,
Entering with the dance of the nebels.
Running fast like time, itself, in this chamber so safe, but cold.
Now a cold race comes crashing my spine
And a light approaches from the heavens high up.
Light, alas, deepened in the shade of black.

Misery tightens its enchantment around me
And welcomes Death with a dish of my soul.
Justice does not exist in his hands that hold the scythe.
Exist me now, I beg You please, but
Slowly he walks with a joke and a laugh, and
Touching my neck with the blade in his hands,
He finally takes me to his castle of bones and skulls…

Notes: “Nebel” is the German word for “fog”.

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Reblog if you honestly think you are ugly.

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They all turned into people I know 

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Annabel Lee - Edgar Allen Poe

Illustration: Julian Peters

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